Silt Fence Webinar

This is the recorded webinar from January 20, 2021 discussing this standard.

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Existing silt fence design guidance primarily relies on state design standards which were developed based on rules-of-thumb that lack scientific justification. Proper design and implementation of silt fence is critical and must consider site-specific factors such as: topography, precipitation, soil type, and other site parameters. This presentation will describe a silt fence sediment barrier design and installation standard developed through a comprehensive literature review of current state agency guidance and performance-based research. This study proposes a hydrologic design approach using local site conditions while accounting for detention volumes provided by silt fence barrier installations. In addition, a user-friendly spreadsheet-based tool was developed to assist designers in calculating hydrologic and volumetric parameters, proper sizing of silt fence segments, and for estimating maintenance needs. A case study and recommendation for state agency implementation demonstrates the application of the developed design approach