Temporary Sediment Basin Webinar

 This is the recorded webinar from March 24, 2021 discussing this standard.

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Sediment basins detain sediment from stormwater runoff and are heralded by industry and research for effective sediment capture. Sediment basin design and implementation vary nationwide, therefore producing varying results. Proper design and implementation of sediment basins are critical and must consider site-specific factors such as project duration, drainage areas, precipitation patterns, and other site parameters. This presentation will describe a sediment basin design and installation standard and design guidance developed through a comprehensive literature review of current state agency guidance and performance-based research. Sediment basin design components, including hydrology and capacity, geometry and placement, inflow channels, velocity dissipation, dewatering, auxiliary spillways, erosion control, safety, and flocculants, will be covered during this presentation. Tune in to find solutions for sediment basin design!